Ascend Support Presentation

Jason and Gera Mann: Directors

Bringing students closer to Christ and each other through the medium of outdoor adventure experiences

Spiritual Journey and Calling

  • Growing up outdoors
  • From religion to relationship
  • God used difficult circumstances to reach me
  • Giving back to others

Experiences Shape our Lives

  • Milestone experiences
  • Wired for the outdoors
  • Devil's Den State Park
  • What experiences have shaped your life?

How Ascend was born

  • Leading outdoor trips for the past 5 years
  • Outdoor adventure program at UT BSM
  • Position at BSM phased out in January
  • Ascend incorporated as a non-profit in March
  • Ps 24:3

Ministry Strategy

  • Providing engaging life changing experiences to youth ministries, and campus ministries.
  • Challenge, Community, Christ.
  • Helping students to who are passionate about the outdoors to reach students who are passionate about the outdoors.
  • Reaching out with the Gospel to the outdoor enthusiasts community in Central Texas.

Ministry Needs

  • Prayer for open doors and all the logistics to drop into place.
  • Funding. We are a non-profit ministry. We want to serve the Body of Christ, and we want these experiences to be affordable.
  • We are supported by the gifts of others.


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